Crowns & Bridges

PFM & Full Metal

Our laboratory offers a complete range of dental alloys for
PFM and Full metal restorations. Realize the benefits.

All Ceramics

NobelProcera™ Zirconia

Nobel Biocare's unique Procera ® technology delivers esthetic &
functional dental restorations for all indications. Discover more

IPS e.max® CAD & Pressable

Dentists and technicians are often confronted with challenging cases
that require them to balance both strength and esthetic demands requiring multiple substructures and multiple systems. Your solution is here.

Zenostar® Full Contour Zirconia


Implant Prosthetics

Our lab can assist you through each phase of the restorative process, from impression copings and analogs to final abutment selection. It's our knowledge and service that you've trusted for over 30 years.
See our systems and services here.


Diamond D Ultra Impact Acrylic Dentures

Exceptional Flexural Strength resulting in the strongest denture acrylic on the market Learn more.

ZENOSTAR® Full Contour Zirconia

Simple. Beautiful. Strong. That is the ZenostarĀ® promise

  • Full contour zirconia crowns and bridges without a ceramic veneer
  • Monolithic - no chipping-ideal for heavy bruxers
  • Cost effective and esthetic metal free restorations

DENTAL WINGS Digital Dentistry Solutions

Our Dental Wings CAD CAM is making dental technologies more consistent and predictable while allowing for more restorative options than ever before for patients and dental professionals.

FIBER FORCEĀ® Resin-Impregnated fiber reinforcement

  • A more desirable option for reinforcing new and existing acrylic dentures
  • Superior chemical bond to acrylic versus metal reinforcement
  • Ideal for use in Implant Overdentures