PFM & Full Metal Crowns & Bridges

Our laboratory offers a complete range of dental alloys for PFM & Full metal restorations.

Available in High Noble – contains at least 40% Gold and at least 60% Gold, Palladium and Platinum combined.

Noble- contains at least 25% Gold, Palladium & Platinum combined.

Predominantly Base (Non Precious)- contains less than 25% Gold,
Palladium & Platinum combined.

All cases are provided with an Identalloy ® Certificate documenting the manufacturer
contents of the dental alloy used and its classification.

IdentAlloy Certificates

IdentAlloy Certificates on your lab invoices is another symbol of quality and assurance that all alloys used on your Crown & Bridge and Implant prosthetic work meet independent ADA classification criteria.

The IdentAlloy Council was created to help raise the standards of healthcare by providing documentation of certified alloys. To earn a place in the IdentAlloy program, member manufacturers voluntarily conform, to ADA sanctioned guidelines for alloy composition, and provide content information that confirms their compliance with the ADA Council on Dental Material’s alloy specifications.

The IdentAlloy stickers identify the company, brand name and composition of alloy, and includes a recognizable symbol for proper insurance coding. Documentation provides a link in the material traceability chain from manufacturer to lab to dentist to patient.


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