Implant Prosthetics

We offer Specialized Services
related to Implant Treatment

  • Surgical Stents
  • CT Scan Stents
  • Soft Tissue Models
  • Diagnostic Wax-ups
  • Temporization
  • Custom Designed Zirconia
    and Titanium Abutments
  • Cement Retained
  • Screw Retained
  • Ball & Bar Overdentures
  • Locator Overdentures
  • Fixed Removable Hybrid Dentures

Complete the esthetics with a choice of material options including:

  • NobelReplace ™
  • Branemark ®
  • Straumann ®
  • e. max® PRESS/CAD
  • PFM

Our lab can assist you through each phase of the restorative process, from impression
copings & analogs to final abutment selection. Once the final implant level impression is received and poured utilizing a soft tissue, we will evaluate all areas including soft tissue
depth, gingival margin height, angulation and occlusion and address any other concerns
in order to provide for the most esthetical and functional result possible for the patient.

Custom designed Zirconia or Titanium abutments enable us to create abutments with
ideal contours, marginal height and proper emergence profiles that meet the specific
needs of the case.

Improved Esthetics

Complete the esthetics with a Procera Zirconia Coping veneered with e.max Ceram!

Please call our laboratory for estimates or if you
need assistance with any of your implant cases.